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We are two childhood friends and we are both called Michel. In 2017, we took over the restaurant from Michel's mother, who had been there for 14 years.

To avoid confusion, we must be called Mitch (server) and Miche (chef).

We want to broaden the horizons of cooking beyond Vietnamese food because Miche is Cambodian. We really like to discover new flavors from our countries of origin and to share the way we eat as a family. Each passage of a customer must be a pleasant experience, even for a take-out order.

In 2020, La Belle Tonki was born, the little sister of La feue Belle Tonkinoise. The latter will be forced to close its doors because of the pandemic, but it gives way to a new snack bar called MangeDansMonHood !

Looking forward to meeting you!


Michel Lim
Michel Lim aka Boombeast
The chief artist

Michel Lim is a chef with a unique background who is passionate about cuisine of all origins and the history attached to it. Born of Cambodian parents and having grown up in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal, he rubbed shoulders with several cultures that he got to know thanks to his great curiosity and his many friendships. As a teenager, Michel discovered hip hop dance and to this day, he is an emblematic figure of hip hop dance in Canada. It is through the practice of this art that Michel learned the importance of finding and developing his identity.


Being a food lover and natural unifier, he takes pleasure in cooking a variety of dishes from various origins to share with his friends. In 2014, he decided to take his passion for cooking to another level and create a Pop-Up restaurant that he named MangeDansMonHood, referring to his neighborhood, Saint-Michel. The success of this event is a turning point in his life and Michel then decides to become a restaurant entrepreneur. A few years later, he is the chef and owner of his restaurant: La Belle Tonki. There, he develops fusion cuisine and funky dishes, rooted in his roots and in the image of his creativity. Added to his belt, the MangeDansMonHood snack (reference to his pop-ups!).

Pop-up MDMH.jpg
La Belle Tonki is more than a restaurant, it's a community

Our vision

La Belle Tonki is more than a restaurant, it's a community


We really want everyone to be happy. To do so, changes in the industry must be made and we are not afraid to do the right thing!

  • Provide financial well-being to our employees, so that they have access to benefits like other companies.

  • Maintain an atmosphere of positivity. Life is too short to waste it on bad vibes.

  • Changing customers' perception of the restaurant industry and its employees. It's a profession of passion!

  • Changing customers' perception of Asian cuisine. It is richer than what the market offers.

  • To evolve the restaurant industry with new ways of doing and treating people.


This is what you see when you close your eyes:

  • An environment where everyone feels at home and everyone talks to each other (staff, customers, suppliers). Treat everyone as guests in our home.

  • That people see Asian cuisine from a different perspective than the commercial representation that currently exists, that they are always amazed to discover new things with us.

  • A place representative of diversity in Montreal and becoming a must. Let the world travel here  to come and taste the experience (food, drinks, staff, vibe).

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