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We live in a world of overconsumption and the current crisis does not encourage people to waste less. Many people order online and many containers are not compostable and are thrown in the trash.  

Container return program

When you accumulate the equivalent of containers for 5 dishes , we will give you 2 free imperial rolls on your next order by mentioning in the comments.

  • The only containers accepted will be those provided by our restaurant.

  • Containers must be clean.

  • We take care of validating your eligibility before including them.

  • We will rewash the containers in the dishwasher.

  • Return containers in a sanitized bag.

  • On site only


  • We do compost! Do you do it too?

Utensils to take away

  • We make sure to buy only compostable or recyclable utensils.

  • We do not automatically give away utensils with every takeout order. You have to ask them.

  • We charge a micro fee for utensils.

Simple use containers

  • For tonki soups, we do not automatically give a transparent plastic bag for bean sprouts and plastic containers for sauces as is done elsewhere. You have to ask them.

  • The bean sprouts are put directly into the box.

  • We sell bottles of sauces so that the customer has the sauces available to them at all times.

Reuse of containers

  • We maximize the usefulness of plastic containers by reusing it as much as possible before recycling it.

  • We encourage our customers to do the same.

Use of customer containers

  • If you mention that you are going to bring your own containers, you must come in advance so that they can be picked up and used.

  • We reserve the right to prioritize the smooth running of the restaurant and it may therefore be that we cannot do it or that we have to use our containers in this case.

Straw disposal

  • We do not provide straws for cocktails or other drinks.

With that, thank you for taking the trouble to land on this page and kindly do your part.


Together, we can make it happen!

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